Asian Ladies Photobook (Photo Books) par Uwe Ommer

Asian Ladies Photobook (Photo Books) par Uwe Ommer

Titre de livre: Asian Ladies Photobook (Photo Books)

Auteur: Uwe Ommer

ISBN: 3822871818

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Uwe Ommer avec Asian Ladies Photobook (Photo Books)

Language: French, English, german - 160 pages - - Edizione in tre lingue: inglese, francese, tedesco - Uwe Ommer is a photographer of beautiful women and landscapes. He is a traveller into different continents of desire, using his camera to record his discoveries. Western man's exploration of far-flung countries has always been fundamentally connected with sexual discovery, the locating of the Other as seductive female. In travel there is the latent possibility of liberation -- moving beyond the conventions and inhibitions of your own society. Ommer's lens perfectly captures that charge of erotic freedom and expression. The Asian Ladies of this volume were photographed in some of the most beautiful places on earth, the tropical regions of the Philippines, Thailand and the South Sea Islands, the idyllic beaches of Tahiti and Fiji. Locations that have inspired artists as diverse as Gauguin and Nerval to produce their finest works. Ommer examines the implicit sexuality of those poetic landscapes, and with the clarity of his sumptuous photographs has created images of yearning and mystery. A journey into myth and sensuality from which it may be difficult to return.